Get help or get involved


Our (just launched) main community exchange and support channel for everybody from users to developers and providers.

What to use it for:

  • Getting help with anything
  • Discussing all things remoteStorage
  • Announcing your remoteStorage apps, projects, services, etc.


All source code is hosted on GitHub, and we use GitHub's issues, pull requests and comments extensively.

What to use it for:

  • Reporting bugs and problems
  • Asking questions about source code
  • Contributing new source code


The core developers as well as other community members are usually available for a chat in the #remotestorage channel on Freenode. You can open the chat in your browser, if you don't have an IRC client.

What to use it for:

  • Asking general questions about remoteStorage
  • Telling people about your app/project/...
  • Watercooler talk

Meet people in person

remoteStorage folks are travelling a lot, and it's rumored some of them don't even have a home address. So chances are good you can meet people in person, learn about remoteStorage at a conference, or even be part of a remoteStorage hackathon. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to receive event announcements!

Check out the forums for a list of past and upcoming events.

The Unhosted Unconference

Every year in September, we throw an unconference-style event in a small town called Unhost, right next to Prague. During these days we discuss the whole project, learn about new developments, work on issues, make larger decisions, and most importantly: have a lot of fun and learn to know each other. This year, we discovered there is also a small town called Unhos, near Lisbon, so we are going there on 29 June 2014, the day after LXJS. More info and rsvp on meetup!