Own your data

Get a storage account or set up your own

Get an account with a hoster

Using a hosted accounts means entrusting someone else with your data, in exchange for not having to set up or maintain a storage server yourself.

As remoteStorage is an open protocol, you can use migration programs to move all of your data to any other remoteStorage-capable provider, server or local machine at any time.

  • 5apps Storage

    The first commercial remoteStorage provider currently offers free storage during the public beta of their dedicated remoteStorage service.

  • Michiel B. de Jong

    As one of the first two members of the IndieHosters network, Michiel offers managed hosting of remoteStorage (among other things) on your own domain name.

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Third-party Integrations

You can use remoteStorage with other open-source cloud software, which integrates server functionality either directly or via add-ons. You can have someone host it for you, or set up your own server.

  • Cozy Cloud

    Cozy is "a personal cloud you can host, hack and delete". There's a remoteStorage add-on available. The company behind it is offering free hosted accounts for trials as well.

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Host your own storage server

You can set up remoteStorage on your own server or integrate it into your infrastructure by using one of the following implementations, or creating your own:

  • reStore

    remoteStorage server based on node.js. Supports both Redis and the filesystem as storage backend.

  • remotestorage-server

    An NPM package you can use as basis for your own remoteStorage server, implementing the core HTTP behavior. Always supports the latest protocol version.

  • rs-serve

    remoteStorage server written in C for POSIX systems, storing data in system users' home directories.

  • php-remoteStorage

    remoteStorage server written in PHP. Missing Webfinger, so not 100% compatible at the moment.

  • Liquor Cabinet

    remoteStorage server API based on Sinatra (Ruby). Excludes the OAuth portion! Supports multiple backends, but only Riak is implemented at the moment.

  • remoteStorage-ruby

    Basic remoteStorage server written in Ruby, storing data in PostgreSQL. Uses a deprecated version of the protocol (2012.04).

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